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Your business devoted extensive time and money into developing the ideas that are now being challenged. While an attorney may have helped you take steps to secure your patent, copyright, trademark or trade secret, he or she may not be able to handle your intellectual property litigation. Who can you turn to?

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Our principal California intellectual property litigation lawyer, Steven E. Springer, has the business and legal acumen to defend your intellectual property rights. He spent more than 20 years in business before dedicating his legal career to protecting other businesses. He understands that the very things in question right now — such as a trademark, an invention or business secrets — help to define your business.

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During a free initial consultation, we will discuss your situation and evaluate the options available to you. This includes fleshing out how much intellectual property litigation will cost your business — from both financial and opportunity cost perspectives. We want you to understand what lies ahead so that you can make the right choices for your business and its goals.

Vigorously Protecting Your Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Trade Secrets

We have extensive experience handling intellectual property litigation involving issues such as:

  • Copyright infringement and ownership claims: we ensure that your literary, musical or artistic works are protected under U.S. copyright law during copyright litigation
  • Patent infringement and interference: we don’t file for patents, but we protect patents vigorously when they are violated
  • Trade secret violations: we advise companies on how to protect their trade secrets and defend them when they have been violated through misappropriation or violation of noncompete/nondisclosure agreements
  • Trademark infringement: your trademark is your unique stamp that defines your business — if it has been infringed, we can bring a trademark infringement lawsuit on your behalf

Intellectual property litigation is complicated, often involving a wide range of laws and complex fact patterns. Our California intellectual property litigators have a firm grasp on what it takes to protect your business from infringement and other IP violations.

Intellectual Property Litigation Attorneys in Santa Clara County, CA

When other businesses are trying to capitalize on the long hours and extensive resources you used to create your idea, piece of work, trademark or trade secret, do not hesitate to call us today. An experienced business law firm working to help your business succeed.